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The idea of sustainable living is nothing new to the island of Kauai. Individuals have been using the island’s natural resources since before we can remember. As well as organic farming, eating seasonal foods and protesting efforts like inner island Ferries and the use of dangerous pesticides on crops.

The newest in environmentally friendly movements is here: Tiny Houses. The recent documentary “TINY: A Story About Living Small” was released with the intentions of sharing just what living “small” means.

Looking to reduce their carbon footprint, home buyers have found an answer in these small abodes. Redefining what “makes a house a home” and empowering people for a better future, these homes have popped up across the globe. It is no surprise to discover that they have begun making their way to Kauai. With booming companies like TumbleWeed Houses¬†and Tiny House Co., will this revoluntionary type of lifestyle become the new norm? Only time will tell.

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