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Kauai offers an abundance of natural beauty outside the home. However, it is easy for this beauty to be lost elsewhere. For example, inside your home. If you’re a seller looking to really WOW potential home buyers, it starts from the inside out. Follow along these five tips for artfully staging your home.

1. Depersonalize & Neutralize

The first thing you can do, is begin to depersonalize your home. You want to showcase an equally warm and inviting yet neutral and clean space. Remove clutter. Box up family photos, small trinkets and other personal decorations. Think big. One or two large centerpieces on a table (think vases, flowers, etc) is better than twenty of them.

2. Deep Down Clean

While your home may look clean to you, there are plenty of little things you don’t see. Hire a progressional cleaning crew to come in and really make the place shine.

3. Rearranging Furniture

Take a look throughout your rooms and try to maximize space. See if there is one big piece of furniture you can remove or rearrange to create a more open feel.

4. Kitchen Accents

Clean those counters. Hide your everyday appliances such as the blender, toaster and coffee maker. Instead, accent clean counters with fresh fruit and/or fresh flowers to really ensure that warm and welcoming feel.

5. Bedroom & Bathroom

This may seem like a no-brainer but you’d be surprised how far a clean bedroom really goes. Pick up some affordable, fresh bedding: a new comforter, new sheets and new pillows. It’s okay to leave the kid’s rooms looking a little more eclectic / “lived-in” as this gives them character. When it comes to guest bedrooms / master bedrooms, nothing too bold. As for bathrooms, the same rules apply. Decorate with a new, fresh rug and towels and tidy up basic fixtures. These spaces should allow buyers to visualize themselves living here, which is nearly impossible when filled with other people’s clutter. Neutral and clean are the name of the game. Happy staging!